Altom Foods

Nearly three decades of experience in manufacturing mouthwatering quality Kerala snacks from its cultural capital, ensuring quality in every bite with no added colours, flavours or preservatives.

About US

Formed in 1997, by our founder Mr. Alexandar Madassery, Altoms hails from the cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur. Started with the vision of providing high-grade food items without compromising on quality or hygiene, customer satisfaction has always been our highest priority.

Two decades ago we started as a small unit manufacturing jaggery based sweets, the success of which lead its way to what Altoms is today. With more than 60 packaged food products under its wings, we strive to serve our customers and entice their tastebuds with premium quality snacks. You name it we have it!

"Great taste in every bite" a motto we live by & a promise we have made to our customers, which we ensure by preparing all our snacks in our factory in Padukkad, Thrissur. High-quality raw materials are sourced from around Kerala & Tamil Nadu that goes into production in our factory under the supervision of our well-trained staff. Recipes that are tried and tested, when served to you takes you down the memory lane.

Our Products

Mixture 175 gm

Bombay Mixture 175 gm

Sweet Mixture 150 gm

Corn Flakes Mixture 150 gm

Sesame White Balls 100 gm

Sesame Black Balls 100 gm

Peanut Ball 100 gm

Big Candy 100 gm

Big Candy 200 gm

Peanut Round 175 gm

Tapioca Chips 150 gm

Tapioca Stick 150 gm

Tapioca Tapioca Chips 150 gm

Pori Ball 9 Not

Then Mittai 24 Nos

Fryams 100 gm

Fryams 75 gm

Fryams (Kakka) 75 gm

Maduraseva 150 gm

Murukku 150 gm

Ring Murukku 150 gm

Gattiya 150 gm

Achappam (Tiny) 18 Nos

Banana Chips 200 gm

Sweet Banana 200 gm

Banan 4 cut 200 gm

Sarkkara varatty 200 gm

Pappadavada 5 Nos

Sesame Pakkavada 250 gm

Round Murukku 10 Nos

Pakkavada 150 gm

Pakkavada 175 gm

Jack Fruit Chips 200 gm

Potato Chips 750 gm

Potato Masala Stick 100 gm

Mixture 500 gm

Uzhannada150 gm

ABC Biscuit 150 gm

Nuts Biscuit 150 gm

Coconut Mixture 200 gm

Beans Biscuit 200 gm

Peanut Masala 150 gm

Peanut Roast 150 gm

Salted Peanut 150 gm

Peeled Peanut 150 gm

Achappam (Big) 10 Nos

Inas Big 5 Nos

Sweet Kuzhalappam 12 Nos

Pakkavada 250 gm

Rice Cheeda 150 gm

Fried Green Peas 150 gm

Mixture 250 gm

Inas Small 5 Nos

Pakkavada 500 gm

Tapioca 250 gm

Tapioca 500 gm

Tapioca Sliced250 gm

Tapioca Sliced 500 gm

Banana Chips 500 gm

Jack Fruit Chips 500 gm

Tapioca Stick 500 gm


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Contact Us

Name M.V Alexander

Address Altom foods, Padukad,Viyoor. P.o.Trichur.680010.

Phone +91 944 653 5557


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